Boker Plus Gamma Ceramic Folding Knife

If you were in the market for a smaller pocket knife—maybe something to keep in a tool or  tackle box—the Boker Gamma Ceramic Folder is one of the top contenders. This is a small, compact folder with a blade that is a whisper above the two inch mark. It features the G-10 handles; which is perfect for maintaining a grip on a razor sharp knife. The thumb stud is quite unique with the its bulky design.Not bulky in a bad way: bulky in the sense that you could still handle the folder with ease and flip the blade out—even if you were wearing gloves.

The ceramic blade would make it perfect for a knife that would be experiencing some wear and tear. Since it is rust resistant that tackle box may be the perfect resting place for this little guy. The Gamma does not have a pocket clip however. This knife is small and thin enough to be a comfortable carry in nearly any situation. And with a price range under $65, I doubt there would be disappointment with this purchase. If you know someone who is familiar and comfortable with ceramic blades, then the Gamma would be damn near a perfect gift knife.

And with the Christmas season right around the corner, there seems to be a lot of thought going into what may be a ‘perfect gift.’ You can buy this ceramic knife at for a great deal!

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