Boker Ceramic Kitchen Knives

Boker has a really great line of ceramic kitchen knives. Ceramic blade kitchen knives are a great idea because they stay sharper longer than most other kitchen knives. Less sharpening equals a happy kitchen, am I right? Boker’s kitchen knives are actually pretty lightweight, and they are comfortable in hand.

Here’s a look at some of the Boker kitchen knives at Blade HQ that feature ceramic blades:


Boker 7” Ceramic Santoku Kitchen Knife



Boker 6” Ceramic Kitchen Knife


Boker 5.25” Ceramic Kitchen Knife


Boker 3-3/8” Ceramic Paring Kitchen Knife


Boker 3-1/2” Ceramic Kitchen Paring Knife





Get your Boker kitchen knives and all your kitchen knives at Blade HQ!

What types of kitchen knives would you like to learn more about?

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